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BlockPay: A Crypto Service

My Design Process

Project: UX/UI
Role: Research/Design
Year: 2019


BlockPay is a crypto investing app that aims to make investing in crypto appealing to the general public. It simplifies the trading process and educates the user along the way.


I posted to cryptocurrency forums to gain insight from real users. I was able to interview four different crypto investors and gain insight on current problems.

"Crypto is a bit like a car, some people just want the car to go when they press the gas pedal, others want to know what every part does and why".

- User from

Current Problems

Crypto Can Be Intimidating

People often avoid getting involved in crypto because they don't know where to start. On the surface, it can look quite complex.

Investing Is Often Unstable

There is usually no regulatory oversight for cryptocurrencies. The trends are often unpredictable, making it high risk.

Not Accepted at Most Stores

Cryptocurrency is still unusable for most everyday purchases, which causes people to question its legitimacy.

Requires Multiple Apps

Investors need an app for their wallet, an app for trading, and an app for news and activity. The current experience is cluttered.

Proposed Solution

Assisted Investing

Have BlockPay decide where to put the user's money in the crypto market. Have experts watch trends and diversify funds for better stability.


Give users an explanation for why BlockPay placed their funds where they did. That way users can start to gain an understanding of crypto.

Everyday Currency

Provide a payment system that converts crypto to USD instantly. Position it as a payment card for everyday purchases.

All In One App

Develop an app that covers all the basic assets needed for someone who is getting started with cryptocurrency.

Initial Sitemap & Wireframes

Welcome To BlockPay

The best way to present the final service is to start with the website homepage. It was designed to entice new users and breakdown the experience.

Earn as You Learn and Make Everyday Purchases with Crypto

For the Beginners as well the Experts

We Can Help You Get Started

Getting started in crypto can be tough. BlockPay’s experts have the experience to get you going on your crypto journey.

Let Us Handle Your Crypto Funds

Our team of experts will manage your crypto and educate you along the way. That way you can earn as you learn.

Easily Understand Your Portfolio

You're probably new to this and we get that. That’s why we made your portfolio easy to understand by giving you a break down of every change we make so you can learn along the way.

Start Exploring on Your Own

You may genuinely begin to enjoy crypto when you start making money. You can use the explore page to learn about different currencies and read articles on current events.

Oh, This Isn’t Your First Time?

We would hate to see you outgrow our app. That’s why we have a skilled mode where you can override our trading decisions and manage your crypto on your terms.

Earned Cyrpto. Now What? Spend It.

Crypto is no longer out of reach up in the clouds. We give you the ability to spend your crypto on daily purchases by instantly providing you with USD when you make a purchase with BlockPay.

Crypto Is Now for Everyone

Our service makes getting involved in cryptocurrency a cinch. Investing is now stable, easy to understand, and usable for all of your day-to-day purchases.

How It Works


Users deposit money into their account.


BlockPay's experts decide where to put the money in the crypto market.


Users receive a concise statement explaining where their money is being invested and why.


Users are able to learn from watching BlockPay experts manage their funds.


Earned crypto can be spent on purchases using the BlockPay card.


BlockPay can issue credit to a user's card when a purchase is made and sell the user's coins well after the transaction


On the explore section users can see exactly how their money has been diversified. They have access to information for every change that has ever been made to their funds.


Crypto becomes so much more enticing when it can instantly be spent on everyday purchases. The wallet section displays the value of the user's coins as USD. The user can choose to either put their coins in credit or savings.

Savings is for long term investing and credit is for spending. All of the money in credit can be spent using the BlockPay card.


The explore section is a place for users to learn about different cryptocurrencies. It provides access to resources such as trend charts and news.

Skilled Mode

In the settings, users can change the experience level from beginner to skilled. The skilled mode gives users the ability to override BlockPay’s investing decisions. Users are then able to make their own trading decisions while still having access to the helpful resources within the app.