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Payless Shoe Source

Brand Rescue

Role: Research/Design
Year: 2019


Payless has been struggling to make a profit for many years now. They have been unable to keep 
up with the times which has resulted in them filing for bankruptcy.

This project focuses on repositioning the company to make it profitable again.

About Payless

Payless is a fashion-focused low-cost shoe retailer. The company was founded in Kansas in 1956. The company has expanded significantly to nearly 2,500 stores in North America.

Payless’ brand value comes from convenience

Current State

Payless has fallen behind in the shoe industry. They are unable to make a profit which has required them to file for bankruptcy.

Why did this happen?

1. Bad store experience

2. Unable to keep up with e-commerce competition


Focus On Ecommerce

For Payless to succeed they need to develop an online presence and become more accessible to internet users.

Differentiate From Competitors

Payless needs to provide an experience that users cannot find anywhere else.

Proposed Solution

Home Try-On System

Payless Mobile App

App Reward System

AR Size Finder

Home Try-On System

Three Compartments

The box will be custom made with three different compartments. For three different pairs of shoes.

Choose Your Variations

The customer can fill the box with whatever variations he/she would like. That could be size, color, or completely different shoe models.

Free Returns

Once the customer chooses which pair of shoes they would like to keep, the box is then shipped back with the other two pairs by using a return label provided within the box.

Mobile App

Online Store

All sales will go through the new online store. It is designed to be fun and easy to use.

Reward System

The app has a reward system that is updated frequently, this will help engage younger generations and get more people involved.

AR Size Finder

The app can determine the user's shoe size as well as certain characteristics that will determine the optimal shoe.


The new e-commerce approach still aligns with Payless’ original brand strategy of low price fashion. As well as differentiating from competitors like Amazon by making buying shoes online more convenient.