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Synced City Magazine

A Publication Experience

Project: Experience Design
Role: Designer
Year: 2020

What is Synced City?

Synced City is a magazine publication all about smart city technology. The mission of the magazine is to move smart city technology forward by educating and creating a central place for discussion.

Subscription Based

Synced City is subscription-based. Three magazine issues per year are shipped to the user. The Mobile app is available on the app store and can be accessed with a subscribed account.

It's Not Just a Magazine

The printed magazine is designed to be used alongside the mobile app for a more engaging experience. Synced City also hosts conference events for smart city enthusiasts to discuss and learn about new technology in the industry.

Printed Magazine

Synced City is available to read online but the magazine is mainly intended to be read in printed format. The printed magazine provides a tactile and memorable experience. As well as provides specials features that utilize the mobile app.

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The Mobile App

The Synced City app is designed to work with the printed magazine. The magazine articles have exclusive content on the mobile app. This content utilizes the smart phone’s capabilities by using AR, online polls, videos, etc.

The app also contains other features such as forums, past magazine issues, and an upcoming event finder.



Augmented Reality

Conference Event

There is a different conference event for each magazine issue, which means there are three conferences per year. Synced City is intended to be sold all around the world so each conference event is hosted in a different location.

Guest Speaker

The speakers at the events are chosen because of their involvement in the magazine issue. At the event, they further discuss the content that was in their magazine article.

Showcase Products

Companies are given the opportunity to showcase their products and ideas that were featured within the magazine.

Overall Experience

All the touchpoints of the experience work together to educate the user on smart cities and provide a central place for discussion.